Regarding Your Planning

Posted on November 27, 2011


I need to make a serious point here, regarding your individual plans, be they only for you or a family or group. Unless you are experienced in executing said plan in previous disaster conditions, it’s a good idea to read, study and listen to people with “skills” and experience. With that in mind, your plans are your plans. It’s not likely that anyone else will stand up and defend your decisions if you screw up. You really are on your own in that department, unless that person is part of your group.

So, while it is mildly entertaining to think about all the great advice out there, and while it also may seem somewhat of an accomplishment to actually include the ideas of others in your preps, I believe that you must keep this in mind…

Your plan is your plan.       Make it.   Refine it.   Own it.

I’m seeing more and more new comers to the life style on many of the forums. I’m seeing a lot of them receive advice that is misleading, simplistic, immoral, dangerous and just plain stupid. While their newness is something that only passes with time, their overly trusting natures, or desperate phobias, are leading them to engage in prep activities that waste time and resources. Worse still, they are berated for doing too little, too late. From under-prepped to overly burdened,  people are heading down bad trails or stopping altogether.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Understand that every item completed is one less to do. Progress is good! Sitting on your butt isn’t. Prepper Burnout is increasing. I attribute this to people spinning their wheels with little real direction, while watching others accomplishing a lot – all the while wondering if they themselves should be doing the same. “But, some do this, and some do that, and I don’t know if I should do the same or not.”

Don’t do what they do. Unless it’s what you should do. That’s why you need a plan. That’s why you need to reevaluate it regularly, such as once a week, because ultimately, you’re responsible. That’s a heck of a lot of writing to say, YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE.  Don’t let someone force you down a different track unless there is solid and germane reasoning behind that. Following a plan takes discipline…. don’t let the decision to take a detour involve any less discipline. Lives may depend on that.

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