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Everybody needs a plan.

Whether stretching a buck at the supermarket, picking the best route to a friend’s wedding, or packing for the next mission, everyone needs a plan. Good planning helps us accomplish goals more efficiently; however one defines “efficient”. For some, the plan is to save time and money. For others, it’s getting that desired result as quickly as possible, with no regard for actual cost. Either way, a plan is key in achieving goals.Within the Prepper community are people from all walks of life. Ask enough of them, and you’ll hear various ideas as to how and why to “prep”, what to prep for, and the best way to go about it. Each of us needs to decide how these ideas relate to us. Just about everyone has something of value to add to the discussion. The focus of this site is to share various thoughts on Emergency Preparedness and Prepping in general.

The Lifer Prepper.

Among the Prepper camps is one that often is left out of serious discussions. I would classify this camp as the “life and preps” camp, or perhaps the “live for today, too” camp, for these people desire to do what they can to work their plan for survival, but not at the expense of living today. In their eyes, if prepping to survive “the end of the world as we know it” is the be-all end-all of their existence, there really isn’t any reason to live at all. Because of this stance, they are not viewed as being serious about “prepping” or “survivalism”.The “Lifer Prepper” has a plan. He works it. He moves it forward and tracks its progress. He also takes time to enjoy life. It’s been said, “Take that Starbucks coffee money and put it into preps.” The Lifer Prepper will take some of it and devote it to supplies, yet hold back some and enjoy an occasional coffee, be it a Starbucks, Pete’s, or the local cafe. Lifers will make allowance for some of the good things, all the while staying aware that, just as prepping can become obsessive, so can having a good time. A Prepper Lifer will balance the activities in his plan. Discipline being the key, he knows that no matter what prepping philosophy he follows, it’s all for nothing if it does not include the discipline necessary to accomplish his goals.

That being said, I will take the banner of the Lifer Prepper at times, and attempt to show that such a view point has some very attractive benefits, not the least of which is a positive mental outlook, and the stress-reducing effects that having good fun can produce. There are reasons enough to be concerned on many fronts. This is true. But there is absolutely no reason to allow that recognition to destroy your joy, sap your energy, wipe out your wallet or steal your sanity. With a good emergency preparedness plan, you just might be able to have it your way. Hard core survivalists, urban preppers, gulchers, off-grid homesteaders and others have many valuable thoughts and skills to contribute. I don’t believe anyone that is serious about creating a safe and durable environment for their loved ones would pass up potentially useful knowledge. I know I don’t, which is why I look at and study the world of prepping from as many angles as I can process. It’s how I became a Lifer Prepper. I might be the first to use the term, but I’m certainly not the first to try the approach.

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