Bugging Out

“Bugging Out” is a common term used to describe the evacuation of an individual or group away from a dangerous or unfriendly area. Leaving is done through any means available. A person could bug out on foot, in a car or truck, an airplane or boat or on a convenient train.

A successful bug out is more likely if it is well planned. It starts out with identifying reasons why one would wish to do it, followed by the process of relocation and ending with the arrival at a BOL, or Bug Out Location. Here are some steps to help in building a bug out plan.


Determine what threats to life and /or property will require a relocation.

What trigger?

Decide what events or warnings will trigger the execution of the plan.


Evaluate which modes of transportation make the most sense.


Arrange for an end-point for the bug out – a location that is safe.

— to be expanded

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