Mapping Tools for the Prepper

Part of building the Bug Out portion of your survival plan is working out the evacuation route. This needs to be done ahead of time. Multiple routes are the norm for serious planners. Getting access to decent mapping tools isn’t too hard, but we’re posting a few of them here anyway. Check these out and see what works for you.

Map Maker –  Map Maker has quite a few features that might be beneficial. Of particular interest might be the Climate Maps and Federal Lands and Indian Reservations.

Topographical Maps – Topo maps for the entire US. It drills down by state, county and then into quite a selection of features to use as anchors.

Topographical and Aerial Maps for download to your PC, with GPS info. –  Use the USAPhotoMaps program, which should be number 1 on the list of application written by Doug Cox.

Custom Mobile Maps – Create custom maps that can be printed or loaded to your mobile phone.

Pursue the Outdoors has an interface for the USGS that in itself is not downloadable, but DOES have uses.  You can do a screen capture of the area of your interest in map, satellite, hybrid, topo or terrain, and save /print THAT. The detail is wonderful.

National Geographic Topo Maps.  Here on Amazon, you can get various iterations of this software, but the version below, while I haven’t used it, looks good.

TOPO! Explorer Deluxe

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